photo_02.jpgShigeru Tanaka   The president of CECAP
Dear ladies and gentlemen of world wide manufacturers and distributors in the field of Assistive products (noted AP hereafter) or Assistive technologies;

Welcome to our home page.

My name is Shigeru Tanaka, president of Comprehensive Evaluation Center of Assistive Products in Japan abbreviated as CECAP. As you can see in “Introduction”, CECAP was established in 2009 and approved by ATA as one of 6 authenticated evaluation agencies for ACEAP. Even though ACEAP is not a must currently, it becomes more and more important in providing safety APs in conjunction with JIS or Japanese Industrial Standard.

I've entered the field of assistive products since I studied the artificial arm as an university student 40 years ago. I have taken part in making JIS standard for several kinds of assistive products by now and also played a role as the convener in ISO/TC 173/WG1 Assistive products for walking/. I’m also working as a professor in a University (International University of Health and Welfare) to lecture on researches in this field to the students.

CECAP was established based on these experiences in collaboration with 4 other main members of whom, one is a professional in providing APs, one is a professional in NPO management, one is a professional in establishing company, and one is a wheelchair user expertise in AP users’ stand points and also with many other regional cooperating members in medical and welfare-service field. These personals will help you not only to evaluate your products in Japanese environment and stand point but to advice how to improve your products when necessary.

President of CECAP

  • Mr.Tanaka Shigeru, PhD. in medical science, Engineer
  • Professor of International University Health and welfare graduate school
  • ISO/TC173/WG1 assistive products for walking/Convener
  • Chairperson of committees for making JIS standard of assistive products
  • Awarded for achievements in assistive products standardization by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister