1. ACEAP (Authorized Clinical Evaluation of Assistive Products) in collaboration with ATA

We took part in trials of ACEAP for the first time in 2008, and we’ve performed ACEAP until now as one among six authenticated evaluation agencies in Japan.
The evaluations that CECAP performed are noted below.

  • (1) Manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair
  • (2) Gatch bed
  • (3) Portable wheelchair ramp
  • (4) Bathtub stool

2.OCEAP (Original Clinical Evaluation of Assistive Products) and monitoring Bedsore preventing mattress

  • Period: 2011-2012
  • Client: manufacturer of automobile parts
  • What we performed:
    • 1st, we organized a professional committee to develop methods and items for OCEAP and performed the OCEAP.
    • 2nd, we submitted for approval the report of CECAP ethical review board for the monitoring evaluation.
    • 3rd, based on the approval, we performed the monitoring evaluation in which three patients in the nursing home cooperating with CECAP in Tochigi prefecture and participated in the monitoring evaluation 1 month for each patient. Our staff attended on one of patients including nighttime for almost 1 month in order to ensure patient’s safety.
    • Additionally, the chairperson of the ethical review board is a Professor of Rehabilitation medicine of the private medical college.

3. Advising on developing Portable bathtub used on a bed and OCEAP

  • Period: 2013 March
  • Client: a personal inventor
  • What we performed:
    • 1st, a client developed this portable bathtub issued to for a patent which can be used on a bed when he was taking care of his parent.
    • 2nd, we conducted a special meeting for advice in making it possible the device will be commercially available. An occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a helper, an engineer, and a user of assistive products participated in the meeting. It was reported their useful advices and opinions based on their discussions.
    • 3rd, after we delivered the report, we received a request for OCEAP and it was performed.

4.OCEAP for a Nursing care communication robot

  • Period: 2013 June
  • Client: Manufacturer of system development
  • What we performed:
    • 1st, a software company which is one of dominant software company in Japan asked us to perform OCEAP for a newly developed communication robot.
    • 2nd, as same to other cases, we organized a professional committee to develop methods and items for OCEAP. There were no ACEAP corresponding to any communication robot available currently, so we conducted all process in thorough conjunction with ATA.
    • 3rd, we performed the OCEAP according to the developed method and items.

5. Developing other method and items for OCEAP

  • Period: 2009, 2010
  • What we performed:
    • Other than those for Bedsore preventing mattress, Portable bathtub used on a bed, and a Nursing care communication robot as mentioned above, we have developed a Standing-up assisting chair. If you want to sell your products in Japan, OCEAP can assist.

6. Monitoring evaluation of a sensor to prevent person from falling

  • Period: 2013 April –
  • Client: Manufacture of automobile
  • What we performed:
    • 1st, we accepted to perform a monitoring evaluation for a mat sensor system to prevent person from falling from bed.
    • 2nd, three patients have been participating in the monitoring evaluation for a maximum of 21 days, and it continues now. In this case, the ethics examination is performed by the ethical review board of the hospital itself where the monitoring evaluation is carried out.
    • 3rd, even though the monitoring evaluation still continues, the products are now commercially available. The manufacturer asked us to publish catalogue with a name CECAP.